Preserves done, the old fashion way.

A little goes a long way with Simply Featherwinds™ Best

Right out of the jar, our preserves are exploding with delicious flavors. The deep robust body explodes with even more flavor when warmed and used as a glaze, sauce, dip or filling for your meats, ice cream topping, pastries and other baked goods. Warm and add fruit juice or your favorite spirit!

Featherwinds™ Preserves

Black Cherry Reserve

Black Cherry, peach and orange create a rich, flavorful mix for a robust flavor.

Blueberry Bundle

Blueberries, orange, lemon and raisins; a combination sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Chunky Peach

Tasty chunks of peach, lemon and cranberry deliver a sweet zesty flavor.

Incredible Peach

Peach, orange and lemon provide a smooth peachy citrus flavor.

Pear Ginger

Made from the freshest of pears and crystallized ginger. The only way to spice up a pear.

Perfect Peach

A perfect blend of peach, orange and cherry! Three flavors in every bite!

Featherwinds™ Conserves

Apple Cranberry Raisin

Loaded with apples, cranberries, raisins and roasted walnuts, perfect for any holiday.

Apple Spice

Features a variety of apples, pineapple, roasted walnuts and cinnamon.

Awesome Apricot

Apricots, oranges and roasted walnuts, what more do you need for the perfect apricot conserve!

Blueberry Pear

Blueberries! Pears! Roasted Pecans! A delightful traditional mix of flavors!

Carrot Cake Reserve

Just like Nana use to make! Made with real carrots and pecans. One of our most sought after conserves.

Featherwinds™ Marmalades

Rainier Cherry Orange

Mouth-watering Rainier Cherries
with citrus zest of orange and lime.
Sweet and zesty!

Featherwinds™ Butters

Butters are on their way!
Apple, peach, pear

Featherwinds™ Chutneys

Sensational Chutneys on the way!

Gift Totes

2 Pack Tote

Handmade with Washington State Pine. Your choice of any two products.

4 Pack Tote

Handmade with Washington State Pine. Your choice of any four products.

Simply Featherwinds™ Best

Preserves done the old fashion way!