Preserves done, the old fashion way.

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Featherwinds™ specialty preserves, conserves, butters, marmalades and chutneys are produced in Washington State with fruits from the Leavenworth - Wenatchee Valley and other orchards and farms from across the state of Washington. The citrus fruits we use are grown in the United States; we accept only the finest quality of oranges, lemons and limes. We use the best fruits, hand picked, straight from the orchard.

Our preserves and conserves are made the old fashion way, just like Nana and Grandma use to make; all natural ingredients. Made from traditional recipes, with a modern day twist, the preserves and conserves are made with fruits, nuts and even a few with carrots, like our old fashion carrot cake!

Simply Featherwinds™ Beset is licensed by the US Department of Agriculture to make preserves and conserves (some recipes include nuts).

Our preserves are fruit blends made from peaches, apricots, cherries, apples, citrus, pears, blueberries and more. All of which add to the exceptional taste and exquisite flavors of our products. As with tradition, our products are made to be used as spreads, fillings, sauces, toppings, and whatever else your imagination dreams up.

Right out of the jar, our conserves are exploding with delicious flavors, used as a spread or glaze. As concentrates the deep robust body erupts with even more flavor when warmed and mixed with fruit juice or with your choice of spirit. Use as a filling, glaze, sauce, or dip for your meats, ice cream topping, pastries and other baked goods.

Keeping with tradition, our preserves and conserves are not manufactured by a plant in large batches, our products are made in small, home style batches to ensure the highest quality in flavor and consistency.

Product Facts

No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Colors

No Artificial Preservatives

No Pectin

No Trans Fats

GMO Free

MSG Free

Gluten Free

Prepared in USDA licensed and approved facility.

  • All of our specialties are produced in Washington State and licensed by the USDA.
  • Exceptional orchards are our main source of fruits for the very best products available.

  • Definitions of Preserves, Conserves, Fruit Butters, Marmalades, Chutneys

    What is a Preserve

    Preserves are prepared fruits or vegetables with added sugar; "canned" or "sealed" for storage. The most common prepared preserves are: jams, jellies and marmalades. Most commercial preserves add pectin as a gelling and preserving agent. Simply Featherwinds Best™ does not add pectin as a preservative or gelling agent, but uses sugar and a cooking process as a preserving method.

    What is a Conserve

    Conserves are prepared chunks of fruit stewed in sugar and "canned" or "sealed" for storage. Conserves are also preserves made with a mixture of fruit chunks and vegetables. Dried fruit and/or nuts are often added to conserves. Simply Featherwinds Best™ conserves are concentrates which can be thinned or diluted using fruit juice or spirits.

    What is a Fruit Butter

    Fruit Butters are a preserve as are jams and jellies, however because of the cooking process, fruit butters are often considered a separate category. Fruit butters are cooked to a sweet paste and commonly used as spreads. The most common fruit butters are apple and plum. Simply Featherwinds Best™ fruit butters are silky smooth sweet spreads coming in many flavors such as apple, peach and pear.

    What is a Marmalade

    Marmalades are a preserve as are jams, jellies and fruit butters, however because of the cooking process and made from citrus fruits, marmalades are often considered a separate category. Simply Featherwinds Best™ uses multiple citrus fruits to enhance the flavors and contrasts in each marmalade.

    What is a Chutney

    Chutneys are a sharp, strong yet smooth relish made from fruits, spices and herbs. Chutneys are traditionally used as dips, spreads or toppings for meats. A popular, modern use is a pastry filled with chutney and minced or shredded meat. Simply Featherwinds™ Best uses the finest quality fruits, spices and herbs.

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