We are dedicating this page to the United States Military and to the families of those that serve. It is with gratitude and great appreciation for your efforts on behave of the United States of America and we the people. Loving your family and country from afar and on American soil, doing a sometimes thankless job, you have willing accepted the responsibility of defending our rights, our way of life, our freedom and our country.

To the families with sons, daughters, husbands and wives serving in the United States Military,
Thank You for accepting their call to duty. Your selfless acts and support of your loved ones sometimes goes unmentioned, but if not for your support, they could not do his or her duty to their fullest. And for that we thank you, God Bless.

To those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, we pray for you and your families. We salute you for accepting the unconditional call to duty, forsaking yourself so we may retain our freedoms and sleep safe at night.
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard, we thank all of you. Stand tall, stand proud, we appreciate you for what you do and for what you have done.

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We are proud of our family who have served in the armed forces in the past and of those currently serving in the military. We have one family member currently serving in the United States Navy aboard the USS Nimitz and another family member serving in the United States Army National Guard. Proud to be an American. United we stand! The United States of America, land of the free.

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